To register a trademark has become more and more important, since new goods and services are increasing and the markets have become more global.

A trademark may be a sign, image, word or a combination of both (a word and image), which identifies products or services.

A trademark provides a protection for your logo or brand. By registering a trademark, you defend your brand against legal infringement. The registered trademark grants legal rights to the merchant, and prevents others from copying or using your mark.

A trademark identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service. Trademarks can also be licensed to others.

A trademark is protected during 10 years. In order to keep your exclusive right, you need to renew it before this period of time runs out. Once the trademark has been renewed, it is protected for another period of 10 years. You may renew your trademark an unlimited amount of times.

If you fail to renew your trademark on time, the trademark becomes inactive and the trademark owner does no longer hold his unique and legal rights. A trademark may be registered in your country and in other countries you are active in.


A trademark is valid for ten years counting from the filing date, and it must be renewed before its expiry in order to remain valid. The text below will explain the process, if you wish to renew your trademark for further 10 years.

About 6 months before to the expiry date you will receive a form from us explaining the time of expiry of your trademark. If you wish to make part of our renewal service and renew your trademark, follow the steps indicated on the form, sign and return it to us.


Step 1. You receive the Order Form from TM Intellectual Property;

Step 2. You submit signed Order Form and mail it back to TM Intellectual Property in the provided Business Reply envelope;

Step 3. You receive an invoice and Order confirmation from TM Intellectual Property, that we received your application within the deadline;

Step 4. Upon receipt of all the fees the trademark renewal documents will be submitted by our expert in the IP Australia and Government fee paid;

Step 5. After procedure conclusion TM Intellectual Property will send an Acceptance Notice of Renewal from IP Australia.

*In some unique cases additional information or signatures may be required. If so our staff will contact you either by phone or by e-mail and request the necessary documentation. Be aware that it is your responsibility to provide us with all documents and/or signatures needed. In case of failure, a non-refundable termination of the agreement may be applied.