A patent is a set of exclusive rights to produce a particular product granted by a sovereign state to an inventor. A patent represents the right to prohibit others from using, producing or distribute your invention.

The numbers of patent applications are constantly increasing, and the market is becoming more global. Therefore, it is important to protect your invention from infringement.

Since an invention is something unique, the patent must not infringe on any existing patents in order to be approved upon application.

Applications for patents can be costly and take a considerable amount of time.

In most cases a patent is valid for 20 years. Once this period of time runs out, the exclusive rights to your patent cease to exist. This means that after 20 years, anyone may use your invention without permission.

A patent must be maintained in order to remain valid. This means, that a renewal (maintenance) fee must be paid yearly, starting from the third year from the application. Failure to renew your patent on time will result in loss of your legal rights to your patent.


A patent should be maintained yearly from the third year from the application date, in order to remain active. The following text explains the procedure.

Step 1:

About 3 months before the due date for the renewal/maintenance of your patent, you will receive a form from us explaining the time of expiry of your patent. If you wish to use part of our renewal/maintenance service, and maintain your patent, please follow the steps indicated on the form, sign and return it to us. There are several payment options you may choose from. One way would be to submit a check payable to us directly with the signed order in the enclosed envelope. This payment includes our fees and all necessary governmental fees in order to do the renewal on your behalf. The second option would be the wire transfer. If you choose this option, you will get an invoice, once we have received a signed form. Once the payment has been received by us the renewal process starts.

Step 2:

We will immediately prepare all the necessary documentation, pay the necessary applicable fees and file the renewal/ maintenance documents. Once the renewal is complete we will send you proof that your patent has been renewed. You will also get a user name and password, so you can monitor and check, when the next fee will be due. We will automatically send you an invoice for the following annual maintenance fee payments.

*In some unique cases additional information or signatures may be required. If so our staff will contact you either by phone or by e-mail and request the necessary documentation. Be aware that it is your responsibility to provide us with all documents and/or signatures needed. In case of failure, a non-refundable termination of the agreement may be applied.