TM Intellectual Property is a full service private company within the intellectual property area. We provide renewals of trademarks and patents all over the world. Our staff will be glad to assist you in any IP matter. Our goal at TM Intellectual Property is to protect the IP rights and assets of our clients and to provide the best solutions to maintain their intellectual property rights.  TM Intellectual Property is a private, non-governmental company and isn’t connected to any of the governmental organizations.


TM Intellectual Property is a leading international Trademark protecting company offering a large scale of services within the IP area. We renew trademarks and patents on behalf of our clients. The IP area can be very complex and we are aware that it may be difficult for IP owners to understand and maintain their IP rights. Applications for patents and trademarks are growing and our world is becoming more global.  We find that your IP rights often do not only need protection in your home country, but also internationally, which makes things more complex. TM IP helps our clients to keep track of their legal rights within this wide area.

Trademarks need to be renewed and patents need to be maintained in order to keep their legal protection and status. Many companies have several patents and trademarks that need to be maintained at different occasions. Running a company is an intense process, regardless whether the company is a small company or a global corporation. Business owners need to concentrate on their main activity. Let us worry about your IP matters, so you can concentrate on your work.